Days when your pet’s stomach is more sensitive than usual are perfectly common. That is why the GastroBalance has developed a range of fast-acting diarrhoea relief supplements for pets of all sizes that can help to firm-up loose stools and provide additional protection when your pet needs it the most

Based on highly-absorbent mineral Montmorillonite (also known as Bentonite), GastroBalance Fast-acting Diarrhoea Relief provides an efficient dog medication for diarrhoea and firms-up stools with immediate results . It removes toxins and other unwanted wastes that dogs with diarrhoea may have to eliminate the cause of stomach upsets and restore normal digestive system balance . This dog diarrhoea cleaner acts really quickly comparing with other anti-diarrhoea solutions, like dog diarrhoea tablets, or a diarrhoea paste. In addition, the convenient dispenser form is much easier to use.


Concern: dog diarrhea

GastroBalance® is a veterinarian recommended premium specialist supplements brand offering a targeted range of best-in-class products exclusively dedicated to promoting the pet digestive health. Finding the right product for your lovely dog can be difficult, which is why digestive concern has been carefully categorised to contain some of the most appropriate products for each issue. For example, to stop diarrhea in dogs we take into consideration the pet weight by offering GastroBalance Diarrhoea Relief For Small Dogs (weight < 10 kg) and GastroBalance Diarrhoea Relief For Large Dogs (weight > 10 kg). 

Both of them are highly effective, veterinarian-formulated digestive health pet supplements coming in convenient dispenser form and using only all-natural active ingredients eliminate the cause of stomach upsets and restore normal digestive system balance. 

Interested to know more on reasons of dog diarrhoea and how to stop dog indigestion ? Please visit our Ask the Vet page! 

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