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Animal Nutritionals uses cookies, which amongst other things, help us to improve your experience on our site, and to make sure you get a seamless service. We store cookies to hold items in your basket or to make filling out forms easier. Here's some more details about what cookies we are using, how we are using them, and how cookies impact your online journey with us: 

What is a cookie? 

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your browser by websites that you visit. They can do lots of different jobs, like letting you navigate between pages efficiently, remembering your preferences, and generally improving your user experience. They can also help to ensure that the adverts you see online are more relevant to you and your interests. 

Cookies are used by nearly all websites and do not harm your system. 

How do we use cookies? 

We use cookies to track your use of our website. This enables us to understand how you use the site and track any patterns with regards how you are using our website. This helps us to develop and improve our website as well as products and / or services in response to what you might need or want. 

A cookie can fall in one of the following categories: 

  • Essential cookies – these cookies, also regarded as first-party cookies, are set by us and are required for the website to function to allow you to shop, and might include determining if a user can access a secured area of the website, adding products to your shopping basket and allowing the website to identify and remember what products you have added to your shopping basket. Without these cookies, you will be unable to use our site. 
  • Non-essential cookies – these cookies allow enhanced functionality or improved experience but are not essential to the basic functionality of the website. These can include analytics tracking that helps us understand how our site is being used, detect issues with user experience and collect data that helps us improve the site during your visit. Over time these cookies can also allow us to provide a more personalised experience and assist us in identifying the needs of our customers. 
  • Third-party / social cookies – these cookies along with social media pixel cookies are set by a website other than our website and used to personalise any advertising we do in social media channels such as Facebook, and to make them more relevant. 

Cookies can also be categorised as persistent or session cookies, in terms of their retention period: 

  • Persistent cookies – these cookies remain on a user's device for the period specified in the cookie. They are activated each time the user visits the website that created that particular cookie. These cookies can remain on a user’s device for a period that ranges between a number of days and a number of months, or can be dropped on the device permanently. 
  • Session cookies – these cookies allow website operators to link the actions of a user during a browser session. A browser session starts when a user opens the browser window and finishes when they close the browser window. Session cookies are created temporarily. Once you close the browser, all session cookies are deleted. 

What is local storage? 

Local storage is similar in purpose to cookies and introduced in more recent browsers. Data that previously would have been stored in a cookie (a text file on the user’s computer) is instead stored in the browser, which is more secure and better optimised for modern web applications. 

How to change your cookies settings? 

Most web browsers allow some control of most cookies through the browser settings. To find out more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set, visit or 

Find out how to manage cookies on popular browsers: 

  • Google Chrome ( 
  • Microsoft Edge ( 
  • Mozilla Firefox ( 
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer ( 
  • Opera ( 
  • Apple Safari ( 

To find information relating to other browsers, visit the browser developer's website. 

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit: 

Please be aware that unless you have adjusted your browser settings so that it will refuse cookies, our system will issue cookies when you log on to our sites. Please note that if you refuse to accept certain cookies, some of the functions on our sites, such as adding a product to a basket or trying to purchase a product online, may not work. 

If you have any questions about the cookies that we use, feel free to email us at 

Updates to this policy 

Animal Nutritionals reserves the right to update this policy in line with current legislation and best practices.