"Hi, I am Tusker from Hampshire, blogger on Instagram as @Tsk_basset. My blog is about everything: leisure, geocaching experience, and different trips that I share with my hooman. Also playing with children makes me a great pleasure. Therefore, my mom keeps me always clean. A bottle of GastroBalance Fast-Acting Diarrhoea relief is always nearby, who knows!"


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"Hi, I am Bermuda, known on Instagram as @Bermuda_the_oldest_dog. How old am I? Difficult to count! I was born in 2002 in Belgium meaning that it was 20 years ago… What is my secret? The answer is simple: GastroBalance! On my age, I need several digestive supplements, in particular: GastroBalance Constipation Relief and GastroBalance Probiotics for dogs take I on a daily basis."


Reviewer 1