Whether your pet has started eating its own stools due to nutritional or behavioural causes, GastroBalance Dog Coprophagia treatment can help to reduce stool odour , freshen your pet’s breath, and give faeces a bitter taste to help to get rid quickly of this undesired behaviour

This highly effective, veterinarian-formulated coprophagia stool eating deterrent is coming in a tasty soft chew form and using only all-natural active ingredients to stop dogs from eating poop . These delicious dog coprophagia chews deter stool eating behaviour and reduce unpleasant odours. The GastroBalance Coprophagia Relief for dogs is much more efficient than other anti-stool eating remedies, like coprophagia tablets or coprophagia spray


Concern: dogs eating stool

GastroBalance® is a veterinarian recommended premium specialist supplements brand offering a targeted range of best-in-class products exclusively dedicated to promoting the pet digestive health. Finding the right product for your lovely dog can be difficult, which is why digestive concern has been carefully categorised to contain some of the most appropriate products for each issue. 

GastroBalance Coprophagia Relief is a highly effective, veterinarian-formulated digestive health pet supplement coming in a tasty soft chew treat form and using only all-natural active ingredients to deter stool eating behaviour, freshen breath and reduce unpleasant odours. 

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