GastroBalance Dog Constipation treatment has used its extensive expertise in digestive health and the knowledge of its veterinarian partners to create a range of soft chew products specifically aimed at aiding pets who are experiencing constipation issues

Based on a proprietary blend of pumpkin powder, psyllium husk, and dandelion root, GastroBalance Dog Constipation Relief softens hard stools and provides a dog constipation treatment, while also removing toxins and other unwanted wastes from the body to restore regular bowel movement. These delicious soft chews your dog will love, much more efficient than other dog constipation remedies, like laxative tablets for dogs or dog constipation pastes


Concern: dog constipation

GastroBalance® is a veterinarian recommended premium specialist supplements brand offering a targeted range of best-in-class products exclusively dedicated to promoting the pet digestive health. Finding the right product for your lovely dog can be difficult, which is why digestive concern has been carefully categorised to contain some of the most appropriate products for each issue. 

GastroBalance Constipation Relief For Dogs is a highly effective, veterinarian-formulated digestive health pet supplement coming in a tasty soft chew treat form and using only all-natural active ingredients to soften hard stools and provide a dog constipation treatment. 

Interested to know more about the constipation in dogs? Please visit our Ask the Vet page! 

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