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How to stop my lovely dog eating poop?

How to stop my lovely dog eating poop?

It’s a challenge! Did you know that coprophagia , when dog eating faeces , is a behaviour observed not only in dogs but also in some other animals, like rabbits and rodents? It might sound unpleasant to us, but it has various reasons, such as nutritional deficiencies or maternal instincts. Knowing the exact cause is important, because it can help to choose the right coprophagia aid for dogs!

The dog eating faeces can have various reasons. It might be due to dietary deficiencies, boredom, attention-seeking behaviour, or medical issues. Out vet team pinpointed the four most frequent reasons that you see on the picture.

If you suspect nutritional deficiencies in your dog, our tailored advice can help you.

NOT TO DO:  Please do not punish your dog! This is ineffective way to stop the dog eating poop !

TO DO: To discourage coprophagia in dogs , try modifying the diet of your lovely dog: nutritional deficiencies can lead to various health issues. Common ones include iron, vitamin D and B deficiency. Eating a balanced diet is crucial for overall pet’s well-being . You can read more on dog digestive health in this article.

What can also work in case of dog coprophagia ? Provide enough mental and physical stimulation, and use positive reinforcement when they exhibit good behaviour. 

Finally, there is a professional treatment to stop dog eating poop , like dog coprophagia soft chews .

GastroBalance dog coprophagia relief is a highly effective, veterinarian-formulated coprophagia aid for dogs coming in a tasty soft chew form and using only all-natural active ingredients to stop eating stool dog .

These 60 delicious coprophagia chews deter eating stool dog behaviour , freshen breath and reduce unpleasant odours. The GastroBalance dog coprophagia relief is much more efficient than other coprophagia aid for dogs like coprophagia tablets or coprophagia spray . Why? Because it’s a powerful blend of the selected ingredients to target the coprophagia in dogs .

  • YUCCA SCHIDIGERA helps to stop eating stool dog whilst also giving dog faeces a bitter taste to discourage from consuming them.
  • PARSLEY leaf is a natural deodoriser that helps to freshen breath and is also rich in vitamins and minerals that aid normal digestion.
  • CHAMOMILE soothes the digestive system and helps nutrient absorption, making dogs less excited and likely to eating poop

Give twice daily the recommended amount of this dog eating faeces treatment : one soft chew per 10 kg of dog’s weight. May be taken on a regular basis for long-term support or occasionally as needed.

Please note: the GastroBalance dog coprophagia soft chews should be fed to the candidate dog and any regular visiting dogs whose stools are being consumed. Only this way makes efficient the treatment to stop dog eating poop !


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