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How many chihuahua coat colours are there?

by GastroBalance
How many chihuahua coat colours are there?

There are so many different chihuahua coat colours! However, not all of these dogs are recognised. Read more in our post!

GastroBalance has hunted the internet to see how many of the different chihuahua coat colours we could find. So many! 

However, not all chihuahua colours are recognised by the Kennel Club. Merle chihuahuas do cause some controversy. 

Both pure white and pure black with absolutely no splashes of other colours is also rare. Chihuahuas also can be albino, that is the complete lack of any pigment. You will recognise one as they will have pink eyes. Finding a true albino is also quite rare and the breeding of them should not be encouraged as they can suffer health issues… 

Read more and watch the photos of Chihuahuas with different coat colours in this article 🙂 


  • photo is from Instagram account of our ambassador Bermuda ((20-years old Chihuahua) => Link to “Our Ambassadors” 
  • vet advices by Louise Kirby 
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