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Put Vet Science into Practice

Put Vet Science into Practice

If you dream of working with animals and care about their welfare, habitats and conservation, a fascinating world of opportunity is waiting for you.

Studying Animal Care at WUC is the ideal way to explore the diverse career opportunities available to you, also related to animal nutrition that Gastrobalance warmly recommends you (see our article on this topic). There is an emphasis on animal science alongside practical learning covering topics such as husbandry, conservation and wildlife, zoo and exotic animals, and kennel and cattery management.

During your studies, you will delve into biology, anatomy, physiology, ecology and behaviour and apply all the theory you learn to practical experiences. You will learn how to safely handle and care for a wide range of species and to maintain and promote their health by looking after their basic living and nutrition needs. You will practise basic veterinary nursing skills such as applying bandages or practising techniques for safely restraining different animals, and will also learn essential animal first aid, including relief of digestive issues and relevant dog digestive health products

Choosing a course in Animal Studies at WUC could take you into a range of roles such as a veterinary nurse, zoo keeper, animal collection manager, or rescue centre worker. You may also go on to work for a wildlife park, kennel or cattery, animal welfare organisation or set up your own business like we did it!

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